Clearing up a few things...

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I AM one of the girls at Club XS who are apparently used as a ‘sexy dancer” for the titillation of men’.

I would like to clear a few details up for B Rogers, who has clearly never been to this establishment and makes comments on pure speculation.

In reference to the complaints we have no rest area: we have a very large changing room upstairs.

The girls you see ‘hanging around in the street outside’ are smoking, as enforced by government legislation.

If B Rogers paid more attention with their voyeuring activities, they would notice that when the girls are outside the club during work hours, they are always covered up.

They may also observe that we have a strict rule of only one girl outside at a time.

Our ‘so-called security’, is a doorman with years of experience in not only lapdancing clubs, but also many other types of businesses, and is a fully licensed and regulated member of the Security Industry Association (SIA).

Our doorman’s main priority is our safety, and he clearly wears a SIA badge on his arm. It is his job to pay attention to what is going on in the vicinity of the club.

From B Rogers’ comments that the club “uses” women, I think that many of our customers would strongly disagree.

The girls working in Club XS want to be there and earn money. We are intelligent people, of consenting age, who have willingly made the decision to partake in this line of work.

Personally, I am a university student, earning money to help cover the costs of my degree.

I enjoy what I do, I like talking to our customers and meeting a range of different people.

At no point would I, or any of the girls, remotely consider this an, ‘unpleasant operation’.

We have strict rules of no touching for all our clients, if any of them even attempt to proposition us, they are abruptly told that this is not a brothel and they know where the door is if they should so like to use it.

At the end of the day, this is a lapdancing club, I am not ashamed of showing my body, and I don’t think other people should be ashamed about wanting to experience this type of modern day entertainment.


Main Road