Clean-up teams deserve praise

WITH reference to Mr T Howard’s comments. I would like to put in a good word for the hard-working men who strive to keep our town clean.

What a mammoth task it must be to keep on top of the litter louts, visitors and locals alike who never think of picking up their litter.

I live in Robertson Terrace, and I must say I’ve got nothing but praise for the cleaners I see early every morning picking up bags of rubbish from the beach and public gardens, that dirty selfish people leave behind.

If I walk into the town centre between 6am and 7am the pavements are being washed down by machines and are left fresh and clean ready for the workers and visitors.

Also I must put in a good word for the town’s gardeners. They work so hard in all weathers keeping the grass and trees looking tidy, planting all those colourful plants throughout the year for our enjoyment.

So Mr Howard, Hastings isn’t so bad, litter is everywhere you go (even in Eastbourne). But I don’t think we do a bad job of dealing with it. If you don’t agree then you could always move to Eastbourne. I’m sure you could find something to moan about.


Albany Court

Robertson Terrace