Church move is good idea

I was interested to read Chris Lewcock’s suggestion that the Hastings Embroidery might go in All Souls Church. It would certainly be good to find a new use for this important Victorian Church, maybe as a centre for craft workshops to tie in with the embroidery.

I feel strongly that this piece of work by the Royal School of Needlework should come back to Hastings for our anniversary celebrations in 2016. It was produced for the celebrations in 1966 and was originally displayed in the Triadome on Hastings Pier. It then moved to various venues around the town until the larger part of it was moved into storage.

It is time we had the opportunity to see it all again. It bears the name of our town and is part of our heritage; it is good to have a couple of panels on display in the Town Hall but in 2016 we should have the whole embroidery back on display again in Hastings.

Anne Scott

Hastings History House

Courthouse Street