Christian traditions based on Pagan practices

I’ve had my bit of seasonal fun at the expense of local Christians who are too blinkered to see that their very own traditions are based on Pagan practices that pre date Christianity by several thousand years.

So God was created by people in their own image not visa versa? If there is a great creator he has certainly deserted his invention.

Sadly there are other things going on in this town that are far more important than religious argument. Will the town still have a Conservative MP next year after UKIP prove that it is not just a passing phase and that people are sick and tired of false claims and promises.

I for one hope that the Observer group can again rise to popularity but it is obviously, at the moment, facing an uphill struggle with the rise of internet news sites and this too is affecting the BBC.

I for one truly hope that 2015 (or in my Pagan belief once the Solstice occurs on December 21) is a far better year than this one. No one that I have spoken to has had a good one in 2014 so let’s all wish in a positive and powerful one for next year.

Kevin Carlyon

Dane Road

St Leonards