Children in Hastings would do better to pick up their litter than striking for the planet

Pupils marching instead of attending school
Pupils marching instead of attending school

From: Mrs C Howard, Bramble Way, Hastings

I wonder how many schoolchildren who went on strike, to ‘save the planet’ for their futures, thought that perhaps picking up litter in their various living areas might give more credence to their cause? As Chaucer wrote, ‘mighty oaks from little acorns grow’ and litter is the tip of a colossal iceberg.

In London Road, Ore, there is a high bank near the traffic light junction, at the top of The Bourne, an eyesore awash with litter. It should be an excruciating embarrassment to the council, but obviously not. However, neither has this disgrace, or any other littered area, been given an iota of thought by the ‘crusaders’ of their planet.

Last year, I witnessed a girl from The Hastings Academy, who should have known better, throw her drink can on the ground without a second’s thought. How many have done exactly that since, or given thought that this small unconscious gesture might possibly be adding to the demise of their precious planet? There are three levels of attitude towards the strike – those at the top who care very much, the middle who aren’t that bothered and the lower layer who, secretly, don’t care at all; it’s just a free day off.

Looking in despair at the tonnage of litter in our hedgerows last week, when travelling the various road routes from Southampton to Hastings, our once lovely chocolate-box country looked as if each local authority just cannot be bothered to keep it that way anymore.

So, perhaps schoolchildren wishing to take another day off might scrutinise this aspect more closely and start ‘saving our planet’ from that perspective, and maybe demand our neglectful town council get a grip?