Children can be taught to behave

I WRITE in response to S Offord’s ‘reply’ to my letter of last week regarding the rather one-sided response received to Mr Morris’s letter about the school holiday and children’s behaviour.

S. Offord writes ‘children, pushchairs and stressed mums are a part of everyday life, wherever you live.’

He/She has obviously not travelled to the places that I have and noticed how much better children can be brought up to behave.

Of course bad behaviour is part of children growing up but it also has to be kept in some check in order for them to grow up as sensible, self-controlled citizens, otherwise where would we be? We remain in our present predicament, as also verified by the preceding correspondent, Mrs Coussens.

As to his/her response to my suggestion that his/her previous letter was written by a child, which he/she has taken as a’ personal attack’, and writing that I have nothing constructive to say, all I can add is, was the idea of sending Mr Morris to mix with the penguins and Eskimos really to be considered as an adult suggestion?


London Road

St Leonards