Childhood times

HAVING been reminded recently (by events such as the Flow Art Installation and Picnic, and the Camp and Rally to save Combe Haven Valley from wanton destruction) of the past and present charms of West St Leonards, where I was born, may I ask if Observer readers would like to further refresh my memory by adding their own recollections to mine?
Who, for instance, would like to bear witness to the dedication of those running the Bulverhythe Children’s Association (with Mrs Ayling at the helm), in particular in celebrating May Day, and with its major involvement in the town’s Carnival procession - at that time THE events of the year?
Maybe you worked at the bathing pool (either pre- or post-holiday camp), collected Fling bottles to return for pennies, attempted to jive, in the rather gloomy basement, to the Dolphin Jazz Band - or was it the Jazz Caverners (perhaps both) - as I did?

Do you remember relaxing or working in the café, with its Lloyd Loom tables and chairs (themselves reflecting a bygone age), possibly following a pool locker-‘lady’ stint or, later, a chalet sheet-folding and potty-emptying session supervised by the omnipotent, eagle-eyed Mrs Wellsford?
Perhaps you or your relatives had (still have?) a shop in Bulverhythe or Bexhill Road? 
You may well have attended the wonderful old West St Leonards Infants and Junior Schools (and remember me - kindly, I hope - from those days), or did you join those of us who were often more than a little cheeky at Sunday School, held in the Congregational Church (now known as the Hastleons’ Hall) next to Coleman’s soft drinks?
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