Change of tune over bottle bank after move

ONCE again the As Long As Its Not Where I Live Brigade are up in arms.

It would appear that all the time the bottle bank was in Keats Close it was okay for the residents to endure any noise or inconvenience, no doubt these facilities were also used by those complaining now. (No word of let’s move them from here then).

The bins are to the back of the flats and convenient to most people in the area and as for obstructing traffic they are set well back.

As for the magnificent bathing pool this had been a rotting wreck for years before it was demolished.

If you want to regenerate this area, put in restaurants and cafes along this stretch, I am sure if you go 50 miles across the water you will see how it can be done.

Rock on Banksy.


Welbeck Avenue

St Leonards