Centre needs funds as well

THANK you for your good article on the protest mounted against the closure of the Isabel Blackman Centre (IBC).

It is such a pity that ever-increasing sums are being earmarked for the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road (Road to Nowhere) at the expense of an existing facility which makes a huge improvement to the daily lives of many old people.

It is said by some that the IBC is under-used. This may be so but attendances are increasing and I am sure that, with proper marketing, it would not be a drain on the County Exchequer.

One friend has had her 90th, 91st, and, on the day of the protest, 92nd birthday celebrations in the IBC. She is looking forward to her 100th there too.

I sent round an email about the IBC situation. Three local/county councillors responded that they were against closure. One added: “... we as a

(unmentionable party) group will stand shoulder to shoulder with all who oppose such a move ...”.

Oh, dear. This is a local matter; politics should play no part in resolving it.


The Bourne