Centralisation is a waste of money

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I WOULD like to add my protest to those of Leon Tuppen and Councillor Andrew Gurney, regarding combining the information centre with the benefit claimants.

It was never going to work, not from day one, the two are poles apart and it should never have been considered that they could be accommodated under the same roof.

Neither the staff nor members of the public I spoke to (council tax payers) felt it would work and £200,000 would fill many of the town’s potholes or allow some of the cuts made to the care services to be reinstated.

Now, to add to the fiasco, we understand it is the information centre that is to be relocated back at Aquila House and not the claimants.

The information centre is ideally situated in the town centre. It should be the claimants that are returned to Aquila House.


Ashford Road