Cast-iron guarantees have turned to rust

DESPITE two thirds of the people in this country expressing the view that they want to change our relationship with the EU to one simply of free trade and friendship, our MPs have other ideas.

Sadly, for the people of Hastings and Rye who voted for Amber Rudd MP, cast-iron guarantees have turned to rust.

The vote in the House of Commons Monday night for an EU referendum became a battle of the people versus the politicians, with party leaders showing the fear they have of the people having a say over their own future.

Even a debate is too much for the Tory, Lib Dem and Labour parties: they have decided that they know best and we are simply expected to accept that.

As the UKIP MEP for this constituency, I and my party are not prepared to let that be the case.

And those people who want to remind their MP who is boss, who want a say on their future and who want Britain to once again govern herself should support and join us.