Cash ‘easy come, easy go’ by car

I WONDER if Councillor Jeremy Birch has told the apparatchiks in Hastings Council’s parking enforcement department about the ‘fragile nature’ of Hastings town centre economy. (Observer, March 2).

I would guess not, because while shopkeepers are forking over thousands of pounds in tax to the council, the borough’s enforcers are round the corner industriously punishing visiting motorists for petty infringements of parking regulations.

I overstayed by 10 minutes in a half-empty car park on a recent visit, and was greeted by hovering warden and £50 ticket. Lovely. Won’t be doing that again.

In case you hadn’t noticed Mr Birch, the money comes by car. And it can just as easy keep on going to somewhere a bit more welcoming.

People always respond to incentives. Frozen charges or not, more than £1 an hour to park in Hastings centre is too much - it’s free at out-of-town malls, and it doesn’t cost anything to stay at home and shop on the internet where the choice is better and the prices are cheaper.

Why come to Hastings and get fined?