Carnival team thanks Observer for support

THANK you, Observer, for the wonderful support you have given to the Hastings Old Town Carnival Association over the past few weeks by promoting our 2011 Carnival Queen and court selection.

2011 has started with a bang – in other words far beyond our dreams. We have on the committee some younger members. This is something we needed and have aimed for, particularly in the area of carnival court. Lucie and Tamara (our outgoing queen) have both worked hard organising the selection for this year’s court, the results of which were in last week’s paper.

The Observer comment of April 15 did us proud and there are people out there who should take note and see what can be done by a group of dedicated volunteers, such as the Hastings Old Town Carnival Association.

When it comes to helping promote Hastings your wording summed it up.

Hastings Borough Council needs to rethink its plans for the future and the mayor’s role as an ambassador to the town. We have done it on a shoestring.



Old Town