Carlisle Parade Resurfacing

Dear Sir,

Once again local residents, visitors to the town and business people travelling through are being subjected to the delays and inconvenience caused by the annual resurfacing of Carlisle Parade.

According to the many notices in place this work will take a number of weeks to complete; but don’t hold your breath.

A civil engineer friend of mine is of the opinion that the problem is caused by the fact that vibrations are set up from the hollow area under the parade (the underground car park), something that Sydney Little who built it did not envisage.

Surely, there are qualified engineers available to the East Sussex County Council and Hastings Borough Council to solve this ongoing problem.

How much is this work costing us Council Tax payers every year?

On the other hand, perhaps the contractors have agreed favourable rates with the local hotels and guest houses for their employees to stay during our balmy autumn weather whilst the work is in progress thus helping the hoteliers and guest house woners through this quiet end of season period.

I have to say that I travel extensively throughout Kent and East Sussex and have never experienced a problem such as this.

So, come on ESCC and HBC, get it right once and for all.

yours sincerely,

Mr M Oram,