Careers service at schools

ON May 19 the Observer reported on the fears that cuts may lead to the axing of careers service for school leavers.

This impacts on every young person in Hastings and St Leonards – areas where youth unemployment exceeds national averages.

The article then went on to quote Amber Rudd MP as saying: “The Government has pledged to put a careers adviser in every secondary school in the country.”

This is untrue as a quick read of the new Education Act proves.

It places an obligation on schools to procure such advice, but not from ‘(a) a teacher employed or engaged at the school, or (b) any other person employed at the school’.

So schools with good in-house careers advice will have to cease providing it.

The act does not obligate Government in any way.


(National Education Director)

East Ascent,

St Leonards