Care to fill out a survey

Carers UK is conducting a major new piece of research into the impact that caring for ill, frail or disabled relatives can have on carers’ finances, health and ability to live their own lives.

It has got 2,000 and is aiming at 3,000, but will be happy to get as many responses as possible. It is estimated that there maybe over 300,000 child carers in the UK alone. Without counting the numbers of adult carers. In this time of cuts and austerity their real live and experiences need to be known of their cost and contribution to society is to be counted - or discounted.

The survey will take about 20 minutes and will bring together and update a variety of different pieces of research Carers UK has done in previous years to get a fresh picture of the state of caring in 2010-11.

Because the survey covers lots of different aspects of caring it is longer than usual, however these questions are important to build a really clear picture of the impact of caring.

The survey will close in March 2011 and the results published later in the year.



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