Car parking needs urgent investment

Charles Kilroy’s letter (Observer, March 13) about the absence of ‘car park full’ signs was well made and timely - after all, we are not yet even approaching the town’s busiest time of the year, yet here is evidence that visitors are being frustrated and driven away from our attractions after lengthy queues to find a parking space.

Yet, there is an answer to ‘would-be’ visitors, if only the local council would recognise how urgent this problem really is.

Mr Kilroy made the point that car parking was available at White Rock, which indicates that, if drivers were able to make use of a space anywhere along the seafront, and the means to travel to the attraction they wanted was available to get them there, how much more sensible and practical this would be, not to mention the benefit to businesses.

This opportunity to make use of car park spaces anywhere along the seafront, has long been a suggestion to relieve congestion in the Old Town, even before the Jerwood Gallery was built and spaces lost instead of being increased, the idea of an environmentally friendly hop-on/hop-off vehicle traversing the seafront, was being promoted.

Eventually, Hastings Borough Council (HBC) took up the idea, went so far as to investigate a possible design, and promised a further report. Then came a prototype vehicle, visited and supported by an HBC officer, which gained unanimous approval from councillors.

Yet, since Jerwood, and with the eagerly awaited pier re-opening, not to mention next year’s 1066 celebratory events, nothing has emerged from the depths of council considerations, which give residents – not to mention visitors - a glimmer of hope.

How can anyone not appreciate that the solution to car parking problems, and lack of spaces in any one area, can be solved by much-needed beneficial and urgent investment? Wake up councillors, we may not have council elections this year, but we do have the ‘other’ one. Who will make this crying need a priority for our borough?

Pam Brown, OBE

Linton Court

Linton Road