Car park is a disgrace!

Hastings Observer letters
Hastings Observer letters

From: Kevin Head, Old Roar Road, St Leonards

I am amazed at the tunnel vision of Mrs Sherwood in her letter in the Observer of September 8.

We have seen the Ice House standing deserted for a number of years and the vision of Dr Namvar will at last bring a much needed resource into use. I appreciate there are transport draw backs but these could be resolved. We are looking at an area which has over the years been neglected by our Borough Council a car park at Rock-a-Nore which is a disgrace, normally full of deep holes filled with water.

Move the parking to an area designated as Park and Ride and bus visitors in to the Old Town. We can actually give the town an area which is better tor people to visit without the fear of damage to their vehicles.

Now we note that another hair brained scheme is being muted which if it goes ahead will end up with the Old Town being flattened to make way for a harbour.

How many more of these schemes will they come up with, consultants will be employed as in the case of the Hotel on the Beach, the Slug etc which were heralded with great fanfare some years ago,cost so much in consultant fees but resulted in nothing. At least a Health Centre will be a boon and so much better than the one currently in being at the Plaxa.