Campanologists did mark royal wedding

WYNDHAM Davidson is quite incorrect to say that the bells of Christchurch, St Leonards, were not rung to celebrate the royal wedding.

In fact, starting just after 3pm on the day, we rang 1,260 changes of Canterbury Pleasure Bob Triples to do just that.

Perhaps Mr Davidson expected the bells to ring during the wedding, ignoring the fact that some of the ringers might also wish to watch the wedding itself.

The same group of people then went on to ring both sets of bells in the Old Town to mark the occasion.

Furthermore, four of the group also assisted in ringing the bells at Battle in the morning.

These four people clocked up a total of over five hours strenuous effort each on behalf of the happy couple. I wonder if Mr Davidson is able to claim the same.

I would also note that, while he thinks bells should be rung to celebrate such events, he does not seem to approve of our practice night.

Ringing is an activity that involves a certain amount of skill. I am curious as to how he thinks ringers will be prepared to ring for special occasions without the opportunity for regular practice in between.


Tower Correspondent

Christchurch, St Leonards.

Parker Road