Campaign to win a pardon continues

WE would like to add our voices to those who are supporting the campaign to grant Alan Turing an official pardon.

This year marks the centenary of Alan Turing’s birth and there will be celebrations in honour of his brilliant mathematical achievements and outstanding contributions to code breaking during the Second World War.

Alan Turing was driven to take his own life in 1954 because of the appalling way he was treated.

He was convicted of ‘gross indecency’ and chemically castrated at a time when having a sexual relationship with another man was against the law.

Turing was just one of thousands of men who were convicted under this unjust law and many are still alive today.

A pardon for Alan Turing would send out a clear message that the present British Government recognises the laws resulting in prosecution and persecution of people for having gay relationships were wrong.

It is not possible to put the clock back but it is possible to honour Alan Turing in his centenary year with an apology and official pardon.

This would also indicate that the Government is committed to promoting equality in this country and ensuring that there is no discrimination on grounds of sexuality in the future.

The present House of Lords have rejected a petition to pardon Turing posthumously but the campaign continues.

We urge all readers to sign the online petition in support of a pardon by logging onto



Hastings and Rother Rainbow Alliance