Call for all ex-service personnel

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THIS is a call from the Royal Air Forces Association in Wellington Square Hastings to any ex–servicemen or ex–service women in the area.

We would like to extend a very hearty welcome to any of the ex–service organisations or their members to visit us.

I believe we are the only ex-service association to own its own premises in Hastings, and like most ex-military organisations are dwindling in numbers despite the present troubles in Afghanistan where our brave servicemen/women are still active on hazardous service.

We can offer a room for meetings (we already host several organisations) and offer the use of the licensed bar to all visitors (over 18 years) the facility of a pool table, and darts for those who would love to participate.

If you would like to visit the club it is possible to either be signed in as a guest or join as an associate member and visit us regardless of your service, and that includes present serving military personnel and Merchant Navy, nothing pleases us more than to see visitors.

A plus is the chance to exchange information personally with other organisations regarding subjects such as British Legion collections special parades e.g. Armed Forces day etc.

The RAFA club is situated at 26 Wellington Square, telephone number 01424 430250, we have a web page,, and our email address is

Remember we must help each other and maintain our service organisations, let’s not hear of yet another ex-service club failing because of lack of members or activity.

Keep our spirit strong and support our old and young members.



Royal Air Forces Association, Hastings and St Leonards branch