Cabinet keeping aims for future of St Mary’s shrouded in secrecy

HAVING listened to what councillors had to say at the council’s recent cabinet meeting, I am in complete bewilderment to what the real aims are for St Mary-in-the-Castle.

They are still in ‘negotiations’ with our ‘preferred bidder’.

But the preferred bidder’s name is still secret.

No mention is made as to why they are ‘preferred’.

No criteria is set down for a new operator to benefit the town and St Mary’s, or at least none that we council taxpayers know about.

With all this secrecy, one has the sneaking suspicion that any bidder who takes the complete financial ‘burden’ of St Mary’s from the council gets the contract.

Perhaps no thought will be made to their suitability and no thought to how they should turn our iconic building into a true community asset, attracting visitors from all over the south east bringing their money into our town and helping regeneration.

Let’s hope our leader, Cllr Birch, will make the right decision in their secrecy.

Hastings Borough Council hasn’t done so well in the past.


Albany Road

St Leonards