Bus passengers deserve better

FOR the last few months I’ve been disgusted with the attitudes and disgraceful customer un-care for everyone - including the elderly, disabled, mothers with pushchairs - on Hastings buses.

I use the bus very frequently and sometimes I just can’t believe what I see!

Blatantly, the drivers pull away when someone is only an inch away from the door and will not let these people one.

I’ve been sitting on the bus when the driver ignores people knocking on the doors, or sometimes they look at the customer and shake their head even though the bus isn’t moving!

Once those doors shut they stay shut with some bus drivers, although there are others who will open them.

We, the public, are being treated so badly and the fares aren’t cheap either.

Some form of consistency is needed for the customer.

It’s disgraceful at Asda. I have seen it time and time again that the bus is stationary and people think they can get on but the drivers just play God.

It has even happened to me. I knocked on the door and first of all I was ignored, then there was a shake of the head.

I said: “You’re not even moving!” and the bus was even behind another one at the stop.

I was rather angry because I’ve seen this happen so many times to other people.

I’m sure people will agree Hastings buses are not public friendly. And then I hear the drivers moaning about the public! Well, I wonder why we make comments? Because they are miserable.

We, the bus-using public in Hastings, are fed up with it. I speak on behalf of hundreds of people.


Norfolk Drive

St Leonards