Buildings not finished, despite councillors’ claim

IT IS hard to describe my outrage at response to criticism of Priory Quarter and Station Plaza from the council leader and the lead member for regeneration, in Observer letters last week.

These people need to get out more. Instead of penning lengthy defence of their positions, they could go to see the scaffolding and plastic at Priory Quarter and the fencing and landscaping at Station Plaza.

Cllr Birch can’t think of more successful regeneration than One Priory Square, because it’s sold to Saga. The claim is: “Lacuna Place was completed in 2008 and One Priory Square was completed last year”. This is plainly wrong. It is unfinished, incomplete, deficient, there is work outstanding. It is underdone. Enter from Havelock Road, by Tesco, see the boarding, the scaffolding. The men wearing hard hats and luminous jackets are not there because it’s finished.

Worse, Cllr Chowney notes that Sussex Coast College and the new health centre “have been completed for more than a year and are looking fine”. They do not look fine, see the fencing, the turf. Anyhow, fine would not be not good enough, they should look great. And would if he’d get a finger out. He reckons his job is made difficult by “those who wish to run down Hastings”. No-one’s running Hastings down, the bellyache is from his lack-lustre performance delivering what should be landmark developments.


Braybrooke Terrace