Building is totally inappropriate

Readers will by now know exactly what I am referring to when I refer to the bunker built on the edge of the Rocklands Holiday Park, East Hill.

The visual impact of this building is totally inappropriate within the magnificent scenic vista that is Ecclesbourne Glen. The size and sombre demeanour of this edifice even though not in the country park, makes it so.

The original planning approval and even the policing of the approval conditions seem seriously flawed. I will not reiterate the rather excellent objection letters submitted to Hastings Borough Council (HBC) planning department, but I will mention Alastair Fairley, the ‘Save Ecclesbourne Glen’ campaign letter and the 38-page critical analysis submitted by the Hawthorn Area Residents Association. All available to view and digest at the HBC Planning website.

Were mistakes done by the planning department regarding this planning application and follow-up review of the building work?

An official response is required. It is our right, as a community and served by our council, for the council to respond. Or to put a blunt but reasonable question; who is actually working for whom?

Unless an inquiry is conducted into this sorry mess, then the only sensible conclusion is that the iron fist of council democracy wins, yet again.

David M Thomas

High Wickham