Breathing space for sufferers

I WRITE in my role as acting chairman of Breathe Easy, Bexhill and District, which is affiliated, along with 250 Breathe Easy groups, to the British Lung Foundation (BLF).

We are a fledgling group with the East Sussex area and with the help of the BLF and the extraordinary support of the respiratory clinicians at the Conquest and DGH hospitals, are well on the way to having a patient-led support group for people with the many and varied forms of lung problem.

The group also gives support to families and carers of people with lung conditions, as often it is a very isolating condition. Knowing there are other people with similar experiences is uplifting and beneficial so people don’t feel alone.

So far, the group has had three meetings and we are well on the way to having a full committee made up of lung patients, carers and relatives.

We have more than 70 members but would welcome all new members of any age who have lung problems, along with their family and carers.

The group is free to join but we do ask for donations for tea and coffee. Activities including raffles, possible trips and parties may include a charge.

Meetings are held at the Bexhill Health Centre attached to Bexhill Hospital, the next two being on Monday, September 9, and Tuesday, October 14.

If you have any queries about Breathe Easy Bexhill and District, please contact me on 07761 698423 or if it’s a medical query, please consult your GP.


Chapel Park Road

St Leonards