Bouquet and a brickbat for troubled hospital

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WITH reference to the front-page article in last week’s Observer about the Conquest Hospital, I have spent two-and-a-half weeks in the Tressell Ward and have nothing but praise for the doctors and nursing staff.

They could not have been more caring had I been a private patient. All the staff worked very hard to make my stay as stress free as possible, despite the lowering of their morale by articles such as this.

Frequent criticism of the Conquest does nothing constructive but does much to depress the public at large about a pretty wonderful local asset available 24 hours a day for those of us in need.


Friars Hill,



I SALUTE Richard Gladstone’s front-page story last week about the Conquest. I have an ongoing problem with foot ulcers, caused by my diabetes.

I recently made a formal complaint regarding care within the diabetic foot clinic, about a misdiagnosis of an x-ray of my foot.

The same stand-in doctor, covering leave while the real specialists were both on vacation at the same time, also prescribed me antibiotics that were ineffectual.

Although I received a letter back from the Conquest and it covered wide areas of patient care, it was not related to what I had complained about.

This time, again diagnosed with an infection in my toe, I was placed on 4,000mg of flufloxacillin which I explained my body could not tolerate and in fact made me repeatedly sick. This continued until my GP changed the dose and added another.

Last time I had a foot infection I was admitted for a week on intravenous antibiotics.

This time I have been left three weeks in between appointments, obviously not important enough to be something to worry about, whereas my GP surgery has seen it as important enough to treat and dress three times weekly.

My toes and indeed foot are at stake and if I am routinely told that something has to be amputated due to gross errors in the operation at the Conquest they will be sued.

This time, if my complaint is ‘ignored’ I will assume I have to chisel it into a rock in plain Braille.


Dane Road

St Leonards