Bonfires are unwanted intrusion

We are starting the silly season where anti-social people insist that we have bonfires going during the day with no thought to the environment nor children who attend local schools, some of whom could have breathing problems.

Surprise surprise, many people like to have windows open on sunny days without being subjected to a stinking bonfire. The council provides an adequate clearance system for garden refuge and large household items, so why can’t the perpetrators of the great stink use these instead or are they too stupid?

It’s about time we had a by law to protect council taxpayers from this unwanted intrusion from a seemingly growing pastime.

I certainly do not want to be breathing in smoke.

I am now off to bring in my laundry and re-wash.

Thanks, bonfire-makers I hope your homes stink of smoke or perhaps you are too selfish and clogged up to notice.

Rhona Clarke

Park Way