Bodge jobs

TO pave or not to pave that is the question.

Reference your article in last week’s Observer about town centre paving repair work - well the answer is simple isn’t it?

Tarmac it. Because if the decision is to block pave, then from the day it is finished, it will be slowly and hideously, piece by piece, be patched with tarmac.

The great advantage of block paving is that it can be reinstated following repair works. That is basic knowledge, but I fear that even basic knowledge may be beyond the scope of the environmental services department.

I wrote to the council 15 years ago (yes, literally) complaining about the practise of ‘bodge jobbing’ repairs to the town centre block paving with tarmac.

If the paving had not been bodged with tarmac for so many years it would not require such expensive remedial works now.

Anyway, back to the question. Just tarmac it, is the answer because the person employed by the council who is responsible for maintaining the town centre paving obviously has no clue how to maintain block paving. Whatever decision is reached about the method of refurbishment should include considerable thought about how to keep it properly maintained. But I’m not holding my breath.


Oakhurst Close