Bike run was massive success

ONCE again the annual Mayday motorcycle run into Hastings was a massive success with visitors coming from all over the country and even the near continent to experience the unique welcome our town offers.

An estimated 41,000 bikes came into the town and were parked up on every available space from Rock-a-Nore to Azur, Marina Pavilion but only one complaint of obstruction from Saga was received. There were no reports of any drunkeness or trouble among the bikers and only minor first aid requirements.

Unfortunately there were three serious accidents in the region involving motorcycles but that compares well with any other Bank Holiday weekend.

Everyone involved in welcoming the bikers to Hastings works incredibly hard to develop public safety and traffic management plans to ensure a safe and friendly event that is now worth more than £2 million to the local economy.

The bikers also raise more than £10,000 for various charities and act as a catalyst for local business development such as Jays Bike Valet service in the Priory Meadow car park and local employment development schemes like the steward training courses run by Phoenix Security.

Over the past five years the biker influx has developed from being a barely tolerated happening that just seemed to get in the way of Jack-in-the-Green to become a major economic driver in the transition of Hastings from a rundown coastal resort into a vibrant and diverse leisure lifestyle destination.

Thank you to everyone in Hastings and the surrounding area who welcome the bikers and recognise their value to the local community.