Beware bogus calls about computers

FOR some considerable time I have been receiving calls purporting to be from Microsoft telling me there is a problem with my computer software.

I know this is some sort of scam so have always just ignored them and hung up.

Last Friday, March 2, I had a call from a woman, with a very strong Asian accent, as all the other callers have had, saying that there was something wrong with my software and she needed immediate access to my computer.

I told her there was nothing wrong with my computer and to get lost ,whereupon she said that she was calling on behalf of “the Government” and it was a new law that I had to let her have access to my computer.

Readers should know that no one ever has a right to access a person’s computer and this is, without fail, always some sort of scam.

The best thing to do is say “Go away” and put the phone down.


Essenden Road

St Leonards