Better traffic management needed

ANYONE using the Bexhill Road on a regular basis (and the De La Warr approach from the other side) knows that the traffic congestion disappears after the Glyne Gap roundabout.

Rather than spend hundreds of millions of pounds and desecrate a beautiful piece of countryside in the process, surely the answer is better traffic management.

Has East Sussex really considered alternatives - a complete re-think/re-design of the Ravenside area and its approach roads with special emphasis on public transport and pedestrian access? For example, an east-west ‘cut and cover’ tunnel with a slip road entering Ravenside before the roundabout, bus stops relocated in the centre (whatever happened to the original stops?) and a train station, all with redesigned pedestrian access.

The whole area should be re-thought in the light of 21st century requirements, rather than 1980s, and it will be much cheaper than the current proposal.

None of this will remove the traffic, but then neither will the bypass, as the roundabout, with its associated restrictions, will still be there and so will the shopping centre (due to increase with the coming of M&S).

The local traffic will continue and the bypass will simply displace other traffic.

What consideration has been given to the increased traffic through St Leonards in order to access Queensway? We will all be that much the poorer, both financially and environmentally.


Tudor Avenue

St Leonards