Better bus links are needed

WE were interested to read about Stagecoach’s eco-art competition.

Let’s hope it will encourage people to ‘go green’ by leaving their cars at home and travelling instead by bus.

Unfortunately, however, there is little chance of this actually happening until the company provides Hastings and St Leonards with a properly integrated bus service.

At present, when it comes to public transport provision, a large tract of St Leonards is effectively a ‘No Go’ area.

Those wishing to get into Hastings can either go down to the seafront and wait up to half an hour for a delayed 98/99 or take the equally unreliable ‘cinderella service’ offered by the 23.

On these routes, just to make matters worse, Stagecoach normally provides antiquated buses without low floors that make them inaccessible to mothers with buggies or elderly people with baskets on wheels.

Visitors from Brighton, Eastbourne and other places with adequate public transport provision are amazed that people in our town are prepared to put up with this situation.

Why hasn’t our borough council implemented plans for a regular seafront service linking West St Leonards with Hastings Old Town?

Until that is introduced it should automatically reject any applications for housing schemes that add more cars to our already overcrowded roads.

Here is yet another reason for throwing out the ill-considered proposals recently submitted for the development of the Archery Ground.

Stagecoach is to be commended for its initiative, but there is no hope of Hastings and St Leonards ‘going green’ until councillors begin to engage in some properly joined-up thinking.


West Hill Road, St Leonards