Best-qualified people are too busy with the day job

I READ with interest the article about Cllr Daniel putting his name forward as a candidate to be police and crime commissioner for Sussex.

The list of posts that are and have been held by him is impressive, but it does beg a question. When does he find time to work in gainful employment?

It is my belief that to run a local authority in any capacity and understand people at a ‘grass roots level’, you must first have regular and first-hand experience of getting up day in and day out and toiling to put food on your family table only to see your money (by way of council tax) be given out willy-nilly to anybody that asks for it.

I would like to know and I’m sure I’m not the only person in our town who would like to know how many of our councillors of working age are gainfully employed, and what money they receive from the council tax payers.

It is a shame that most of the best people to be in council office are too busy working to put themselves forward, and there layeth the main problem with local politics.


Vale Road

St Leonards