Benefactors spurred council to refurbish fountain

In the latest edition of the Observer there are again letters expressing approval of the refurbished fountain, and rightly so.

At the same time it has become almost a mantra for readers to say how much nicer the completed scheme is than the proposed helter-skelter would have been. Clearly that design was not to everyone’s taste.

However, what should not be overlooked is that the refurbishment of the island and provision of the helter-skelter were a proposal from very generous local benefactors who wanted to improve the island and furthermore were prepared to pay for it.

Had it not been for that magnanimous offer, it is extremely unlikely that anything at all would have been done to the island. We have those benefactors to thank for spurring the council into doing something about the forlorn island. So, when saying that what has been done is much better, let us also give our thanks to the benefactors for their vision and generosity in spearheading the refurbishment which has been such a success.

Frederick Steyn

Maze Hill

St Leonards