Belated search for ‘tall, dark stranger’ of 2009

WHAT do you do when you think you may have missed a golden opportunity and regret that you didn’t have the courage to ask the question?

Well perhaps not ‘the’ question but ‘if you find yourself passing through Hayle or St Ives then perhaps we could meet for coffee’ question. 

‘A knight in shining armour’, well, ‘a tall dark handsome stranger in motorbike leathers’ came to the rescue of a young woman with her daughter and mother, when their red car appeared to have broken down in the car park of the Eden Project.

They struck up a conversation where she learned that he was touring through Cornwall and Wales visiting friends and his children, one at university in London perhaps. He said he was from Hastings. 

The man enquired as to which part of Cornwall she was staying in, the question hung in the air, but the young woman’s shyness in front of her mother prevented her from asking it, so they went their separate ways without it being asked. 

The woman has a very happy and content life, but occasionally wonders about the mystery biker and what could have happened if she had offered her contact details, just in case he passed through as he suggested. This all happened in October about three years ago. It’s a long shot, but nothing ventured etc, was it you or do you know who it could be? 

Contact details supplied on request. Email