Be aware of bargain gifts

This year I thought I’d be more organised and maximise my budget so off I went to a half price toy sale. Unfortunately I left the bags of toys and clothes bought for Christmas in the car over Halloween night and this proved a costly mistake.

A couple of cars in St James’s Road had been rifled through and my carboot had been cleared out. These were all Christmas gifts intended for my 3 and 5 year olds. The grumpy old balcony man from the muppets was the perpetrator.

How do I know this? He left his mask in a neighbour’s car. Not much for police to go on unless there has been a spate of muppet burglaries!

I am now left very aggrieved at the theft (and at myself too), that some people with complete disregard for others think they are entitled to take something for nothing and it always seems to be honest workers who suffer.

This is not a sob story, my children will receive replacements but as a working mum on £6.20 per hour this will take 20 hours at work to recoup the cost.

So if you are offered toys such as Hotwheels sharkbay or a Rapunzel doll at a knockdown price, please hold a thought where these ‘bargains’ came from. Cheap purchases like these justify the work of thieves and potentially leave innocent kids going without.


St James’s Road