‘Ban the link road’ protest inevitable

YOUR comments on the proposed Bexhill-Hastings Link Road (Opinion, March 23) were perceptive, well-balanced and shrewd.

Hastings is in desperate need of regeneration but, as you point out, ‘it is hard to understand exactly how building a five mile long road will suddenly create 100s of new jobs’.

As you suggest, improvement of existing rail links would do much more to boost the local economy.

We are sure many readers will agree with you that in time we may come to regret our belief in ‘so-called progress and prosperity.’

But such thoughts rarely seem to occur to our planners. They think about short-term gains, never about long-term losses.

A stretch of countryside, once cut in two, can never be put together again. The tranquillity of a valley, once brutally shattered, can never be restored.

The hope is that, once they become fully aware of the financial implications of this ill-considered project, the generality of East Sussex taxpayers will revolt.

Why should £47 million of their money be spent on a scheme designed solely to bring benefits to a small corner of the county, particularly if the ‘benefits’ are so speculative?

In normal times such complaints might be few, but, at a time when essential services are being savagely cut back right across the county, they are likely to be numerous and widespread. We can foresee great crowds of protesters converging on County Hall with banners proclaiming ‘Ban the BHLR’.


West Hill Road

St Leonards