Badgers are a protected species

MY thanks to the brilliant East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service who very quickly came to help me rescue an adult badger caught in a wrought iron gate last Tuesday in Park Way.

He was in a big pool of blood and halfway through the gate when he became stuck and impaled on the ornate scrolls on the gate.

The situation looked very bad for him but with the help and skill of the rescue service he was cut free without further damage and swiftly taken to the RSPCA at Mallydams who gave expert treatment.

I was intending to release him back where he was found in Park Way once he was fully recovered.

Sadly, however, he died during the night at Mallydams.

Thanks to all concerned in helping this poor defenceless animal - it is such a shame he did not survive. The only sour comment was from a passing woman who said he should be shot. Remember, badgers were there before you and are a protected species, as is all wildlife.


Volunteer rescuer and carer

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue Ambulance Service (WRAS)