Bad dogs and owners a minority

I AM sick to death with people having a go at dog owners and lumping us all together bad and good alike.

And the letters from J Penny and J Rich made me so angry I just had to write this letter. My first point would be that they both clearly have only a limited knowledge of the subject of dogs.

Firstly to exercise a dog correctly for the dog’s health and to prevent the poor animal becoming frustrated and over-charged it is necessary to allow the dog to run and, in fact, not to do so is in my eyes and most right-thinking people’s eyes cruelty, and what is more any dog trainer will make it clear that a dog must have a run before training starts.

So by constantly bleating on about dogs being kept on leads you are suggesting that people and, yes, dog owners are also people, cannot look after their dogs and cannot train them.

I must also point out that an untrained dog is a danger on or off the lead. There is also the point that if owners only ever walk their dogs on leads then they will not in some cases bother to do even basic training and there is nothing more dangerous than an untrained dog.

I have never owned a Staff but I do know plenty, and looked after correctly, as with all dog breeds, they make lovely pets and are not in the least bit dangerous.

It is stated in the letters how pleasant it is to sit in the park on a warm sunny day and yes, I must agree but for some of us it is just as pleasant on a wet winter day and yes, us dog walkers are there every day.

Indeed if it was not for us it would be completely empty for days, if not weeks on end, and would be left to the vandals, so there would be nothing left to enjoy on the odd day that the sun comes out.

I would like to know also where these more safe and convenient places to walk a dog are, and convenient to whom?

Now I agree what happened to that poor dog was truly terrible and I for one would stop that owner ever keeping a dog again, not least of all for not coming forward and owning up. What cowards they must be.

Now please, please stop beating up on all dog owners and look at the fact we are not all bad. Some 99.9 per cent of us are good.


Vale Road, St Leonards