Audrey’s books sell superbly for hospice

A VERY big thank you is due to your readers and others who over recent months have purchased copies of the two books penned by the late Audrey Crittenden.

Nurses and Verses (tells of her early life) and My Life in Verse (her selected poems written over 50 years) have together sold 500 copies, enabling £1,250 to be donated to St Michael’s Hospice.

For most of the years before her death in 2008 Audrey lived in the Ore area, working as a night-nurse at St Helens Hospital, and later as a receptionist at a GP practice in Ore.

It is therefore pleasing that her books have recently been displayed (and sold at £5 each) in the hospice shop in Ore village, amid the parade of shops which Audrey regularly patronised.

The book, Nurses and Verses, is also now available in the newly-reopened town centre Information Bureau and is still in Harrow Lane post office, Salmons, Beauport Golf clubhouse, Conquest Hospital shop and the shop in St Michael’s Hospice itself.


Ashford Road