Attractions show no sign of information

I AM writing to express my anger at the lack of information that Hastings three main attractions offer visitors.

On Friday November 18, I caught a train to Hastings with my 21-month-old-son, so that I could take him to the Smugglers Adventure which I last visited 15 or so years ago.

I thought my son would enjoy walking through the caves and getting a new experience.

However after walking up the steps carrying a pushchair - as the cliff railway is closed until 11am from November - and nearly killing myself from the walk not only up steps but also down them to the caves, I then discovered the caves are closed!

No signage is present anywhere accept on the gate to the caves, the website has nothing to notify people travelling distances to see them.

I then decided as I was already at the top of the cliff that my son might like to view the castle, famous for the great Battle of 1066 (well at least built at roughly the same time).

So, after feeling angry by the lack of information on the caves I then clambered across the cliff the great Hastings Castle, walked up the long slope pushing a now irritated 21 month old, only to discover that the castle is also closed.

Again no signs before you actually get to the site.

I have emailed the smugglers adventure, but thought that perhaps the Hastings Observer - if it hasn’t already - might be able to pre-warn people about visiting, as obviously the owners can’t!

On another note, my wife tried to visit the caves just over a month ago to be told they were closed for a week, hence my later visit, and on that occasion met some angry Germans who had taken their children to the attraction only to find it closed once they had paid for the lift and walked across the cliff. (see page 35)

Chris Francis,

Coronation Gardens,