Asda provides some welcome competition

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IN response to the letter from Mr Webb (June 10) in reference to ‘Silverhill ghost shops’ I would like to comment.

As a former proprietor of a local convenience store with managerial experience of one of the larger retail convenience stores, the prices applied to goods is often higher than the national supermarkets.

However, that is not to say the likes of Co-op and Tesco Express, which are merely ‘convenience type outlets’ are not able to apply lower prices. The arrival of Asda and the fact shoppers locally are supporting this new outlet goes to show that competition in the Silverhill area is much needed.

In these times of austerity, people need to shop where the products are cheaper. If convenience stores such as Co-op and Tesco Express are to survive in communities like Silverhill, then they have to apply a lower pricing structure and it is true to suggest they are able to do so simply because of the buying power they command.

The goods that are delivered to these two convenience outlets are the same that are delivered to the larger supermarket outlets, merely a different price structure according to the locality and type of outlet. Resign yourself to the fact competition is healthy and good for the local community.


Cavendish Avenue

St Leonards