As yellow as the double lines?

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I RECENTLY received a parking ticket for overstaying by five minutes in an empty parking area where obviously the need for spaces was so great my fine made sure I was not a naughty boy again.

I paid up like a good responsible tax-paying citizen and accepted I had broken the rules and that’s the way it is.

However, it got me thinking why do you never see a traffic warden when and where they are actually needed?

Do they hide away in little grottos with stopwatch in hand waiting to pounce on the out-of-time ticket?

Probably not but you never spy one when the burly, muscle-bound truck driver is blocking Queens Road on double yellows for half an hour.

There is not a sniff of them when the taxi driver double parks in front of a space on the seafront or completely blocks a road for 10 minutes waiting for their fare to emerge from the shower.

They were absent when I parked the car, with the car next to me displaying out-of-date tax and the aroma of drugs wafting out of the window from its five young male occupants.

However they always appear in pairs, two to three minutes after your ticket has expired, fingers working feverishly to produce the fine to an empty, unguarded and non-hostile subject.

It would appear confrontation does not suit the traffic wardens of Hastings and they are as yellow as the double lines they supposedly patrol for our benefit.


Elphinstone Road