Artist Selina was a unique and inspirational being

THE premature death of artist Selina Maria di Girolamo must strike most readers as shocking, frightening even, tragic, unjust and inexplicable.

It was my privilege and rare good fortune to meet her fleetingly on a single occasion three or four years ago at an exhibition of her works, when a seemingly grave and self-possessed young woman introduced herself to the gathering.

I noted her presence almost as much as the original, richly coloured canvasses and the distinguished, unforgettable and euphonious name. Little did I know that the next I would hear of this highly-gifted, dedicated and philanthropic artist would be to read of her untimely and doubtless stoical death in your columns.

A life of such purpose and achievement must humble lesser mortals. Truly I had unwittingly brushed shoulders with a unique and inspirational being.


Stockleigh Road

St Leonards