Armed Forces Week parade a disappointment

ON June 25 I attended the parade to mark the start of Armed Forces Week, and to be totally honest it was a complete and utter shambles.

To start with the Regimental Standards were not formed up correctly as the only one that was in the correct place was the Queens Colour. When it comes to parading standards they are formed up in service seniority.

I personally marched off the parade and put the standards in the correct positions and then took no more part.

The gentleman who was asked to take the parade had no previous experience but he did the best that he could under the circumstances. The Armed Forces Week flag was raised after the parade had been dismissed. It should have been raised during the parade.

The councillors who attended the parade were improperly dressed, they were not wearing any robes of office and one even turned up wearing a checked shirt that looked as if it had not been ironed. He was wearing trainers, which is another reason why I marched off the parade, along with several other veterans.

The Mayor was not invited to the ceremony.

If this is a sign of how these ceremonies/parades are going to be organised in the future then I for one will not attend any more parades, as it is an insult to all those men and women who have served their Queen and country.


Ex Queens Regiment and Royal Corps of Transport

Membership secretary

Hastings and District Services Rendered Association