Area will become dumping ground

FURTHER to your article regarding the building of houses on the former site of the Old Roar House Children’s Home it must be noted that although this will go before the Planning Committee work has already started and the development is already under way.

We the residents also originally understood that this was a development which was going to enhance the road, it turns out that this is an Orbit development of social houses.

Those of us who objected did so on the grounds that this development backs onto a site of significant scientific interest, the Old Roar Gill, and we can see this area becoming a dumping ground for all sorts of rubbish.

We were also concerned about the road itself which is privately owned but is in such poor condition due to the construction, and poor maintenance that the extra amount of traffic using the road itself maybe one step to far.

Currently the amount of vehicles using the road is far and above what the surface can currently cope with and the residents currently are expected to pay a levy to maintain it.

In your article it is stated that planning etc support the application, when the road is not suitable for any further developments.


Old Roar Road

St Leonards