Area is full of biodiversity

We are residents living close to the wetlands.

Although we recognise the need for sheltered and affordable housing within our local community, we find it extraordinary that AmicasHorizon and East Sussex County Council have not considered a development on brownfield sites instead.

South Saxons Wetlands is as in the name. A wetland full of biodiversity; animals, flowers, insects etc as well as providing a much used green lung for our local community.

The land floods most winters providing a good habitat for water loving plants, animals and insects. In the summer months there is a profusion of wild flowers attracting bees and moths.

There are also numerous empty and derelict building all around Hastings and St Leonards that could be turned efficiently into pleasant affordable living accommodation (see development by Orbit near West St Leonards Station).

We are totally against this area being developed. Once you lose green sites they are lost forever.

Susan Ariaudo Smith and Jeremy Smith

Conqueror Road

St Leonards