Apology for bus delays after race

THE organisers of the Hastings Half Marathon, The Lions Club of Hastings, are always pleased to hear good things about the event, but we are also quite prepared to stand up and apologise if some part of the arrangements fails.

In this case we offer a big apology to all those athletes who had to wait so long for the return bus back to the park and ride site after their run. In very cold conditions we agree this was unacceptable and are very sorry that this happened.

It was not the fault of the bus company, and we are sorry that the bus driver took so much stick and abuse.

In 10 years of this successful (325 cars parked this year) scheme (approx one 10th of entrants), we have only ever used one bus for the return journey, and have never had an adverse comment.

Obviously, in such cold conditions, runners were a lot quicker wanting to get back to their cars, and any waiting time was a serious problem. If we had been advised about this at the time, we could have got the free taxi service to help out, which some runners actually did think of and were able to take advantage of.

Some decided to go the near by Bo Peep Pub nearby to keep warm rather than queue in the cold.

We will certainly look at improving this free service to runners for next year, and take on board the comments we have received.

It was a shame to leave a ‘sour taste’ at the end of an otherwise great event, and trust that runners will forgive us for the situation.

Once again, please accept our profuse apologies.

Another unfortunate occurrence took place during the otherwise successful Hastings Half Marathon.

The Hastings Lions Club are grateful each year that Silverdale Primary School, let us borrow 14 tables for use on the drink stations.

One site, at Queensway, near junction with Churchwood Drive, had five tables. After the Scout sroup had finished their operations, and before the transport team arrived to collect the tables, the tables disappeared.

We would ask if anyone mistakenly took these tables thinking they were dumped, or if someone deliberately took them, to please ask for their

return. Or did anyone at Sunday lunchtime see anyone loading up these tables?

They are worth £100 each to replace, but it is also the inconvenience to the school that is of great concern.

The tables would not fit into a car, it would need a van or truck to take them.

Any information would be most appreciated.


Race director

Hastings Half Marathon