Any improvements are to be welcomed

FRIENDS of the Earth spokesperson Brenda Pollack apparently professes to know local people’s views on the Link Road; she can’t have spoken to anyone living in Bexhill Road.

Of course there are opposing views on such a scheme and the link road will inevitably transfer some of our traffic problems elsewhere but we’re desperate to have some relief from the heavy use of the A259 locally, there being no alternative for through traffic nor for access to retailers west of St Leonards.

Many years ago there was a university study of pollution on Bexhill Road resulting from traffic and it was found to be one of the worst in the country, especially in places where there is housing on one side and a cliff on the other.

We’re not just talking about exhaust fumes polluting the area which is bad enough to cause and/or exacerbate various forms of illness; the traffic along Bexhill Road is so heavy and frequently static that a thick layer of soot forms on parked cars and the fronts of houses.

From the local ‘Bo Peep’ shops almost up until the Ravenside retail park there isn’t any relief from sea breezes either.

Any possible damage to the environment along parts of the new link road are regrettable but it’s a nonsense to suggest that it will increase car usage at a time when most of us are having to think twice before starting up the car given the exorbitant price of fuel these days.

We happen to enjoy the benefits of the countryside and local parkland and hate to see any ecological interference by developers but those of us who live in such congested areas are pleased to get whatever improvements we can to our own situation.


Bexhill Road

St Leonards